SKK Nat. Västerås 29/4-2018

Judge: ESS – Alessandro Zeppi, Italy. Cocker – Sara Nordin (Cavamirs)

Barecho You Rock My World ”Yalla” (own. Jenny Andersson)
Exc 2 Open class CQ BD-2 Res-CC

CH Barecho Spitting Image ”Justin” (own. Emelie Ingelsson)
Exc 4 Champion class CQ

Barecho With Class And Style ”Xavi” (own. Marja-Leena Nikitin)

Barecho Walking On Sunshine ”Blanche” (own. Margit Andersson)

Barecho Don’t Tell Mama ”Donner” (own. Kennel Wilmio’s)
2 Puppy class HP
”Sweety head, lovely expression and eyes. Excellent neck and angulations in front. Strong bones. Lovely temperament. Chest developed enough. Moves very soundly with correct tail movement.”

Barecho Believe I Can Fly ”Chanza” (own. Elisabeth Ström)
3 Puppy class HP
”Lovely feminine expression. Correct proportions of head. Correct angulations front and rear. Chest developed enough. In nice condition. Sound movement.”

Barecho Crash The Party ”Pavel” (own. Henric Berggren & Viktoria Karlsson)
2 Puppy class HP

Barecho Cuz I’m Worth It ”Ottilia” (own. Kennel Dark Eye’s)
4 Puppy class

CH Barecho Flower Power ”Björkman” (own. Lotta & Stina Frankesjö)
Exc 2 Champion class CQ BD-3

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