SKK Int. Sundsvall 7/10-2017

Judge: ESS – Cathy Delmar, Ireland. Cocker – Anne Buvik, Norway. Best veteran – Annette Bystrup, Denmark.  Best breeders group – Benny Blidh von Schedvin (Maximin)

Barecho You Rock My World ”Yalla” (own. Kennel Barecho & Jenny Andersson)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ BD-2 CC

CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 2 Champion class CQ BD-3

Barecho U Must Be The One ”Curry” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 2 Open class CQ

Barecho Xtra Sweet ”Sindy” (own. Kennel Wilmio’s)
Exc 2 Intermediate class

Barecho What Dreams Are Made Of ”Fläder” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 3 Intermediate class
“She’s good balanced in her head. Good placed ears. Nice eyes. Could be a bit tighter elbow. Good rib. Good angul. Good hind quarters. Movement could be a bit more flow.”

CH Barecho Spitting Image ”Justin” (own. Emelie Ingelsson)
Exc Champion class

CH Barecho Most Wanted ”Winston” (own. Emelie Ingelsson & Agnetha Meijer-Ingelsson)
Exc 1 Veteran class CQ BOB-veteran

CH Barecho Poetry In Motion ”Pärlan” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Veteran class CQ BOS-veteran

Kennel Barecho (Fläder, Sindy, Pärlan & Yalla)
1 Breeders class HP BOB-breeders group

Barecho High Quality ”Cesc” (own. Margareta Lindblomg)
Exc 1 Open class

Backhills Just Awesome ”Svea” (own. Kennel Barecho)
“Trevlig helhet. Bra proportioner. Feminint huvud. Utmärkt hals & skuldra. Välutvecklad bröstkorg. Harmoniskt vinklad. Rör sig stabilt när hon lugnar ned sig. Bra pälskvalitet med lagom mängd. Trevligt temperament.”

BOB Haradwater Solar Eclipse & BOS Backhills Just Awesome

BIS-2 uppfödargrupp

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