SK Club Show 15/7-2017

Judge: ESS – Dogs & BOB – Graham Osborne, England (Beaters). Bitches – Sandy Hall (Hollybrook)

Barecho You Rock My World ”Yalla” (own. Kennel Barecho & Jenny Andersson)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ BD-3

Barecho Whirl Of Luck ”Saga” (own. Kennel Lizziardhs)
Exc 2 Junior class CQ

Barecho Xfactor Dream ”Elsa” (own. Lena Landberg)
Exc Junior class

Barecho Xtra Sweet ”Sindy” (own. Kennel Wilmio’s)
Exc Junior class

Barecho U Must Be The One ”Curry” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc Intermediate class

Barecho Surprise Me ”Fay” (own. Kennel Barecho & Mayamore)
Exc Open class

Barecho Theme For A Dream ”Izza” (own. Kennel Obery’s)
VG Open class

CH Barecho Either With Or Without You ”Enya” (own. Kennel Windcraft)
Exc Champion class


BOB-junior Lizziardhs Limited Edition & BOS-junior Barecho You Rock My World



Junior class bitches Saga, Elsa & Sindy first in line

Saga, Elsa & Sindy




Yalla wins junior class, dogs

Isabelle wins junior handling with Fay

Isabelle with Fay and Klara with Enya – Junior handling



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