SKK Int. Högbo, Sandviken 4/9-2016

Judge: ESS & Best breeders group – Juan Grillo Londono, Columbia. Group 8 – Torbjörn Skaar. Best veteran – Kerstin Henriksson. Best puppy – Eva Eriksson.

CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Champion class CQ BD-1 CACIB BOB BIG-4
”Excellent type champion dog. Excellent angulations. Healthy and excellent paws. Excellent topline. I would like to have a littre bit better movement in the front.”

CH Barecho Poetry In Motion ”Pärlan” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Veteran class CQ BB-1 BOS BOB-veteran
”Excellent topline. 9 years old girl. Excellent front. Excellent condition. Beautiful, feminine expression.”

Barecho Surprise Me ”Fay” (own. Kennel Mayamore & Barecho)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ BB-3 Res-CC

Barecho U Must Be The One ”Curry” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 2 Junior class CQ BB-4
”Excellent quarter back movement. Excellent topline. Very, feminine expression.”

Goldmoore’s I Shall Be Released ”Dilba” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 3 Junior class
”Excellent topline. Excellent ear insertion?, Excellent temperament. She is crossing a little bit in the back. Excellent neck insertion.”

Barecho Liberty Belle ”Shakira” (own. Marie-Louise Östling)
Exc 4 Open class
”Excellent & typical movement. Excellent size. I would like to have a little bit more bone.”

Barecho When It Has To Be Good ”Banjo” (own. Kennel Barecho & Henric Berggren & Viktoria Karlsson)
HP 1 Puppy class BOS-puppy
”Excellent type. Sound puppy. Excellent front. Excellent topline. Very promising.”

Barecho Xtra Sweet ”Sindy” (own. Kennel Wilmio’s)
HP 1 Puppy class BOB-puppy

Barecho What Dreams Are Made Of ”Fläder” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 2 Puppy class

Barecho With Class And Style ”Xavi” (own. Marja-Leena Nikitin)
2 Puppy class

Barecho Spitting Image ”Justin” (own. Emelie Ingelsson)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ

Barecho Quick Dynamite ”Nitro” (own. Marianne Åhsblom)
VG 4 Open class

Barecho Needles And Pins ”Nessie” (own. Karin Åhsblom)
VG Open class

Kennel Barecho (group consisting Justin, Shakira, Fay & Curry)
HP 1 Breeders class BOB-breeders group BIS-3 breeders group
”This group of dogs have a similar expression and you can see that they are bred by the same line with excellent movement and temperament all of them.”

BIR CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later & BIM CH Barecho Poetry In Motion

BOB CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later & BOS CH Barecho Poetry In Motion







Uppfödargrupp, fr.v.: Justin, Fay, Shakira & Curry

BIS-3 Breeders group, fr.l.: Justin, Fay, Shakira & Curry

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