Dog shows USA 14-17/5-2015

Southern Maine Coastal Classic
Barecho Modern Business ”Lena” (own. Ron Geer)
14/5 Open Bitch 2 Judge: Nathaniel Horn
15/5 Open Bitch 2 Judge: Delores Burkholder
16/5 Open Bitch 2 Judge: David Kittredge
17/5 Open Bitch 2 Judge: Lorraine Bisso

Lena's show picture 0002Lena's show picture cropped

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1 Response to Dog shows USA 14-17/5-2015

  1. Ron Geer says:

    US judges seldom comment and it was so at these shows. There were comments from breeders and handlers who I hold in high esteem. “Beautiful feminine neck.” “She is special ‘on the move.'” These were comments from very special people.

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