SKK Int. Högbo 6/9-2014

Judge: ESS & Group 8 – Maria Dekaristou, Greece (Kamari Mou). Best breeders group – Paul Lawless, Ireland (Revloch). Best veteran – Dina Korna, Estonia. BIS – Rui Oliveira, Portugal (Do Vale Carvoeiro).

CH Barecho Quest For Success ”Claudia” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Champion class CQ BB-1 BOB BIG-1
”Excellent type. Beautiful head at all points. Excellent outline. Excellent angulations. Nice ribs. Strong loin. Moves very typical for the breed with plenty of extension and drive covering the ground easily.”

CH Night Wish Darrem Canis ”Baros” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Champion class CQ BD-1 BOS
”Lovely type. Excellent head. Smart expression. Lovely neck, top line and tail set. Excellent angulations. Moves very typical for the breed, covering the ground very easy with a lot of extension and drive.”

Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ BD-3 CC
”Excellent type. Beautiful head. Strong neck. Level top line. Excellent developed of chest. Nice angulations. Moves typical, powerful, cover the ground very easy.”

Barecho Party In My Head ”Pasta” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Junior class CQ BB-4
”Excellent type. Beautiful head. Correct outline. Excellent chest, ribs and angulations. Perfect mover. Excellent presentation.”

CH Barecho He’s Got It All ”Zola” (own. Carolina Lindblom)
Exc 1 Veteran class CQ BOB-veteran

CH Barecho Devil Wears Prada ”Miranda” (own. Carolina Lindblom & Kennel Barecho)
Exc 3 Champion class CQ

Barecho Quick Access ”Heilo” (own. Linda Croona)
HP 1 Puppy class BOB-puppy

Barecho Quick Dynamite ”Nitro” (own. Marianne Åhsblom)
HP 3 Puppy class

CH Barecho Most Wanted ”Winston” (own. Emelie Ingelsson & Agnetha Meijer-Ingelsson)
Exc 3 Champion class CQ

Barecho Need I Say More ”Nellie” (own. Joanna Oliver & Kennel Barecho)
Exc 3 Junior class

Barecho Needles And Pins ”Nessie” (own. Karin Åhsblom)
Exc 4 Junior class

Kennel Barecho (group consisting Zola, Winston, Miranda & Claudia)
HP 1 Breeders class Best breeders group BIS-3
”Excellent types. Very similar dogs. Correct outlines. All the dogs has the correct movements for the breed. It is rare to see the correct movements today. Dogs that I like to have in my house. Congratulations to the breeder and continue the good work.”


Heilo BIR-valp



Claudia i grupp 8-finalen

Zola i BIS-veteran finalen

Heilo i BIS-valp finalen




Miranda & Claudia



Championklass tikar






Championklass hanar



Pasta & domaren





BIR CH Barecho Quest For Success & BIM CH Night Wish Darrem Canis

BIS-3 Uppfödargrupp

Claudia BIG-1 Grupp 8

Claudia i BIS-finalen

Claudia i BIS-finalen

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