SK Open Show Borlänge 24/8-2014

Judge: ESS – Chris Stobbie, Australia (Rowemaris)

CH Barecho Quest For Success ”Claudia” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 1 Champion class BB-1 BIR/BIS
”Top quality bitch that screams excellence. Superb head with the best of expressions. Fantastic body and a super front and rear. Top condition and this bitch moved like a dream. Such a pleasure to judge.”

Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 1 Junior class BD-4 BOB/BIS-junior
”Very high quality male with fantastic head. Good length of scull and fore face. Well chiseled with very pleasing eyes. Well constructed strong male. Good bone and body. Fantastic top line especially on the move. Excellent length of leg and angulations. A real pleasure to go over.”

CH Night Wish Darrem Canis ”Baros” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 2 Champion class BD-3
”Super quality 4 year old male. Excellent head. Lovely eyebrows. Super dark eyes and a fantastic expression. Great neck leading into a fantastic strong well constructed front. Good bone and feet. Really nice body with well spring rib. Super angulation and in balance. Overall very balanced and sound. A good mover although I would like slightly more graceful and free extensions.” 

Barecho Party In My Head ”Pasta” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 1 Junior class BOS-junior
”Excellent quality junior female. Well balanced and of good type. Lovely, quality head with good proportions. Good neck into shoulders leading into good bone and feet. Good body and excellent top line. With great movement. A lovely front and rear. Very promising young springer.”

CH Barecho Glint Of Gold ”Gizza” (own. Kennel Barecho)
HP 3 Champion class BB-4
”Super quality bitch. Lovely shape and outline. Nice classic head with very pleasing expression. Good neck and shoulders. Lovely body and top line. Could be slightly shorter but good length of leg. Really quality mover. Showed her great temperament on the move. A real top quality typie springer.”

CH Barecho Most Wanted ”Winston” (own. Emelie Ingelsson & Agnetha Meijer-Ingelsson)
HP 1 Champion class BD-1 BOS/BIS-2
”Good quality 7 year old male. Lovely classic head, leading into lenght of neck. Good shoulders and front. Strong bone and feet. Good topline and body. Would like to see slightly shorter loin. Lovely strong muscle rear and in balance. Excellent mover, all though tail high on move. Would say a lovely example of the breed.”

CH Barecho He’s Got It All ”Zola” (own. Carolina Lindblom)
HP 1 Veteran class BOS-veteran

Kennel Barecho (group consisting Paco, Winston, Gizza & Claudia)
HP 1 Breeders class Best breeders group BIS-1
”4 super exhibits. All very sound, full of type. All pleasing, typical expressions. Well bodied. All very excellent movers. All such quality and credit to the breeder.”





Bästa uppfödargrupp


BIR CH Barecho Quest For Success & BIM CH Barecho Most Wanted

BIR-veteran CH Cloette's Joy To The World & Zola

Paco & Pasta


Paco & Pasta


Bästa tik



Gizza & Claudia



Winston & Baros

Zola & Wilma



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