FCI World Dog Show Helsinki, Finland 8/8-2014

Judge: ESS, dogs & BOB + breeders class – Marie Merchant, Australia (Clanach). ESS, bitches – Sally Leslie, England (Risdene)

CH Barecho Glint Of Gold ”Gizza” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Open class CC CACIB BOS WW-14, New champion FIUCH
”Could have a little more ? fore face and a slighter softer eye but that did not ? expression and in all other ? she excels. Moving exactly as a well constructed springer should.”

CH Barecho Quest For Success ”Claudia” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 2 Champion class
”Active, free moving individual who is build for the job she was meant to do. Moves as if she knows her own worth with superior head carriage and using her tail and every part of her body.”

Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 1 Junior class JWW-14
”Excellent young male. Lovely outline. Very good head and eye. This young dog is very well made. Great temper.”

Barecho Party In My Head ”Pasta” (own. Kennel Barecho)
Exc 3 Junior class
”Lovely racy specimen. Head needs to develop as she is only a baby. Well bodied ? good settled. Presents well. Movement a little bit puppie. Takes time.”

Barecho Passion Play ”Bella” (own. Laila Govasli)
Exc Junior class

CH Barecho Zimply Made For Me ”Marta” (own. Kennel Coco Lines)
Exc Champion class

Kennel Barecho (group consisting Gizza, Marta, Pasta & Claudia)
HP 2 Breeders class
”4 springers of correct size and breed type. All with nice, dark eyes. Very uniform size. All move with reach and drive.”




Vår uppfödagrupp


Juniorklass tikar


Paco JWW-14

Vår uppfödargrupp

Paco JWW-14

Gizza WW-14

Gizza WW-14


Gizza WW-14

BIM CH Barecho Glint Of Gold & BIR Art-Wave's Topdog






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